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[Filter: Franelcrew, in Trade]

Well... it's already a tad less chaotic, so perhaps that's a good sign?

Patience, Prudence...? We really need you both -- or rather, all four of you -- in functional order before they call for us. You know how important this is, yes? I do hope this helps.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

I know we agreed to give them a little time, but I have to say I'm worried? They're in their room, the door is locked -- yes, I tried it -- and there's not a sound to be overheard from this side. I've tried knocking, too, but ...

Well, what to do? They're in there muddling about with something ... extraordinary, and really interrupting might cause more harm than not.

Patience, Prudence, if you are reading, please do at least tell us you're all right!
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It's like a ... graveyard, that's the thing! A nice cozy misty little cemetery. Maybe that's what happens when you get old enough? That's what your memory becomes? They say it's terrible to outlive your children. Well, I never bothered with that! But it's terrible to outlive your friends, too. Isn't that right? Your lovers. Your odd acquaintances. Not all of them, though. I'm glad to have outlived some of -- exceptions. Always making things difficult.

Oh, but this isn't memory. Not really. None of this is really like it was.

But it's still sad. So very sad.

You know, I'm not tired! Isn't that a thing? That's nice. I feel like I could keep walking for days ...
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[Filter: Tallys]

I just want to point out that if we're both so determined to make poor decisions likely to get us killed, I think my way is better.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

I think at this point some fresh perspectives might help. To that end, I thought we should list everything pertinent we have been able to ascertain from these journals thus far.

We know that the sword was the object of Lord Diarmud's obsessive personal project. His findings tell us:

- Some people in Baethan felt a stronger connection to it than others. These people were less inclined to leave Baethan over their lifetimes -- moreso than usual, even for a small town like this -- and sometimes expressed distress over the very thought.

- Of these people, some occasionally had dreams. They were fixated on a "light," which we know now is certainly the sword.

- The ruling family here has been particularly susceptible to this effect over the years. Diarmud's research uncovered instances of his ancestors going so far as refusing to leave the manor house, let alone the town.

- Millerna was affected by this, enough that Diarmud noticed and made the connection himself, bringing her into the fold of his research because of it.

- At some point, they devised a plan to use dark magic so that Diarmud could become privy to Millerna's dreams, in the hopes that he could see her interactions with the sword in that state firsthand. They eventually began using a sleep staff -- the whereabouts of which we have not yet determined -- to achieve the necessary deep sleep state required for consistent contact with the sword.

- The sword has some rudimentary intelligence of its own, if his experiences in these dreams are to be trusted.

- Diarmud fell ill very soon after achieving success with these experiments, succumbing quickly to his illness.

- Millerna carried on alone, and was able to continue communicating with the sword, though her journal entries have told us very little of the detail of her conversations... only that they happened. Or that she believed they were happening.

- She located the actual hiding place beneath the fountain, presumably, soon after. This more than anything else lends weight to the thought that she was actually managing to communicate with that sword, in my opinion. Could it have told her where it was, somehow? She doesn't say.

- She needed her father's help to move the fountain. She was vague about this, but knowing what we do now I think this is a safe interpretation of those entries.

- She went down one day to discover that the sword was missing, and assumed her father had taken it. These are her last entries -- we know she murdered her father soon after, and then herself. Perhaps when she realized he didn't have the sword after all.

Instead, David, thought dead himself, had it all along? And has possibly been returning every night since.

Have I missed anything?
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Well ... goodness, please do be careful out there. I'm not sure this is my favorite plan, but it would be nice to make some progress!

Just -- if you feel anything strange at all, you have to promise you'll come back inside straightaway, both of you.
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[Filter: Those in Baethan, in Kilian]

I'm afraid things at the estate are ... rather dire.

Poor Jayne. This was not kind to her. She's lost a brother, sisters, mother, father ... among others, but her surviving sister has ushered her elsewhere -- understandably -- and the rest of us are here in the parlor, rather at a loss. I am not even certain what exactly happened ...

I hope that the rest of you have fared better than this.
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[Filter: Those Going to Beathan]

Is that everyone, then? I assume the bricklaying went well enough, since you're all back and ready to go. Though some of you look like we might have to strap you into the saddle, today, tsk.

It's a rather long way to Baethan, I'm afraid, so if we're all ready ...

Oh, and I suppose I should warn you. Complaining is the only thing that brings me comfort while the road works its cruel ravages on my old bones. According to Tallys, you'll all want me dead after roughly three days, and I suppose all I can do is implore you to have mercy ahead of time.
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[Filter: Franelcrew, Patience, Prudence and Elliot]

I don't want to be too pushy, but it's been awhile since our last session, and I feel there is still plenty more this little archive can tell us. I'll feel better once we have more of the information down on paper, I think. I know you're all busy with your own mission here, but if Celeste happens to have the time, today ...?

And I doubt he'll say anything, so I'll say it for him -- I think Father Elliot is anxious for something constructive to do. He's practically climbing the walls.
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[Filter: Franelcrew]

Is it true that you've all returned?

I'd like to arrange our ... meeting, as soon as possible. I have quite a lot to tell you, and I want you all to have the time to process it before Prudence and Patience arrive.
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[Filter: Dragoncrew, in Kilian]

[there is a large, jagged stain here before the writing starts]

... Everyone?

I have information for you. The Franel folk have a theory as to what might be imprisoned behind that seal, and I'm afraid it's not good news.

Shadow creatures, they said.

They --


There was a ... shaking, a moment ago. Please tell me you're all right.
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[Filter: Lawrence, Lyonesse and Keagan]

I have been pondering exactly how to approach you with this for days, but I think the truth is that there is simply go graceful way to go about it. So. Now that it seems that the others among you are safe, for now ...

I have information that I think you might find useful. I also suspect you have information that I and mine may need. So, I propose that we share what we've found. I'm sure you've noticed, our entire world seems more and more to be in a rather precarious situation, hm?

I am hoping that by working together, we might be able to do something about that.

As I gesture of good faith, I'll go first. This business in Megam. You've been following it, I assume?
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[Filter: Private]

I wonder what they would do if I were to simply corner them and tell them what I know. Six bodies, twelve souls, two worlds, seals scattered across Eire. The aesdana, who sent forth two children of their own clan in order to save the world by circumventing an ancient law. The Adveni "loophole." The situation in Megam.

We're working on the same puzzle in the end, aren't we?

Hm. If I tell Prudence and Patience, will Aelbhe and her elders sweep in and spirit them off into the mountains, never to be seen again? It worries me that I think it's possible. I certainly don't wish to be the one who dooms the world.


No, but Aelbhe told me all of that for a reason. She was clear about what not to say, wasn't she? They think I've been doing research, all this time. No need to risk everything by outing her specifically.

[pen taps]

Prudence and Patience must learn to do something -- learn something in the mysteries that they were abandoned before they could learn. Come to it on their own, so they are not bound by some binding oath -- to Danu, I wonder? -- Not to interfere. Could she really still live to enforce that, after all these long centuries? Those men and women that parade about the cities cannot possibly actually be the Clerics. Yet something in how she said that implied ...

We need more time. More specifically, Prudence and Patience need more time. We need that damned Adveni riddle, after all. After all that. Well.

Which one to speak to? Hello, it's Amalea again, I wanted to have a frank discussion about the fact that you and yours seem to be at the center of a schism between two long-divergent worlds that may very well end both.

[Filter: Erin, Norman, Prudence and Patience, in Kilian]

I know what that woman, Aelbhe, has been researching all this time. Now, it doesn't help us with our current dilemma -- the Adveni are still our best hope for that. But Aelbhe's research sheds some light on a related mystery -- the larger scope of all this, perhaps. And something near and dear to your hearts, Prudence, Patience.

She never liked my prying, and truthfully I thought she'd leave without so much as acknowledging me again. But it turns out that she was at least intrigued by my persistence, or so she claimed... she gave me the opportunity to ask questions. I offered her a scrap of what I knew, to entice her -- I told her I knew Crionna and Suaimeas, children able to change their shape from human to dragon at will.

It turns out that was the best possible thing I could have said. She's been researching your clan, too, I think -- and her research has been far more fruitful than mine. She was kind enough to leave me several apparent firsthand records.

Unfortunately, as of this morning she had simply ... gone. She does this, apparently. Aoife told me that usually she waits until the Solstice, and she'll likely return in December.

Here is what I can make out, from these sources:

"We are aesdana. We are born of corruption, but we are not corrupt. We embrace the light and the darkness that made us what we are, and we refused to be banished to the space between worlds."

From another source -- or possibly the same source?

"We do not fear the seals and their devastation. We are protected."


"Nothing can persist forever without crumbling. The space between has grown too large and too vast and there is a schism. There was a schism from the beginning. Danu lies to herself. It will hold, she says, but it won't hold."

So much of this only seems to reinforce things we already knew, or suspected, but this last is the most interesting scrap of all.

"The children are our only hope.

But I can't tell them what they have to do. I can't tell them why they are our hope. They have to learn it on their own, or they will be sworn as we are. Is féidir Iad siúd a fheiceáil ar an dá thaobh labhairt le ceachtar. And we'll all disappear into the mountains."
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I understand that there are fellow Dentorians in Tarra, today? I hope you're finding the city to your liking. I find it friendlier than Taln, in many ways -- I suppose its proximity to the border is to thank for that. Or maybe it's only that my accent has improved?

In any case, I wanted to let you know that you're not alone here. If you need any help, or even just stories about living in Kilia these past two years, I'm always available.
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Could it be? Is that a city, in the distance? Goodness! They come up on you so suddenly in the forest!

I do hope that everyone is happy with staying in Tarra for a good long while, because it is going to take me months to prepare myself for another traveling stint. At the least.
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[Filter: Private, in Kilian]

Really? Not a single shipment between here and Tarra to tag along with? These cities can't be completely self sufficient. The truth is, you don't want foreigners along with you while you renegotiate your contracts. Understandable. I'd stay well out of your way, however, believe me. Apart from cutting and bagging and hauling boxes, I suppose. Foreigners are very useful for that, I've found.

Really, I could just quit ... but how to make the journey? No dragons here to fly me, this time, such a shame.

It's not that I want to be in Megam, far from it. It's just imagining the looks on their faces ...

Hm, but no, stay on track. Tarra. How to get to Tarra? And how to ask questions without being tossed out for asking questions?

[Filter: Aiden, Marias and Tallys, in Kilian]

I have a conundrum, I'm afraid.

You see, I've hit a bit of a stall in regards to what I think I can accomplish in the way of the research I've been working on for Erin, while she's been gone. To get much further, I suspect I need to question certain people in Tarra. Obviously we've had a lovely time in Taln and I love it dearly, not to mention, it's been so nice having a somewhat reliable source of income, again, but ...

Well, I can't slouch on this project. It's very, very important that any information I can find, I do find.

So, I suppose I'm asking for opinions. This doesn't seem like the sort of decision I ought to make without a group consultation, hm?
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Oh my, is this the day? How many months has it been? Erin, Prudence, Patience, I hope you're all well! I've been worried to death, I do hope your journals are working. I assume at least that the worst hasn't happened, but that's a small comfort, hm?

I suppose I'd better go tell the others. For our part, it's been much the same. I found a nice shop willing to let a foreigner cut and sort their herbs for them, which has been lovely, but the garden has just about given up for the winter, which has obviously been very sad.
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[Filter: Erin, Norman, Patience and Prudence, in Kilian]

Is that girl talking about all of you?

What sort of trouble have you all gotten into, now?
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Jayne! Are you here? If you are, I insist you come downstairs and look at this! I was just on my normal walk, this morning, when I saw some of the boys at the grocery on the hill dragging out a stack of crates, and -- oh, just come look.

I should be able to gather a decent crop of seeds, myself, just from the parks ... now, I recall you said you enjoyed gardening, but would you be interesting in gathering wild plants, to start? I can do it myself, if not.

Hm, now if I remember, there's a patch of red clover in the back, though I'm not sure we've the space for that. Lavender on the hill, verbena flowers ... oh! And I'm sure I've seen wild garlic on the path, and of course, silverleaf and peacebloom near the willow trunks ...
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Arwen! Have you finished copying those sheets I gave you? I warned you that I'd bother you about them after supper, and here I am.

I know it seems a bit like busywork, but writing them out this way will help you visualize them better in your mind.
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